Crusher $$$ Packages

Crusher $$$ Package Deals

1)Daily Picks(10.00) Picks will be sent out at least 45 minutes before game time (2-3 picks  per day)

2)All Picks 1 Week(40.00) Every Pick For One Week!

Special Packages:

1)All Picks 1 Month(100.00) Huge Saving On Monthly Package!

2)All Picks 3 Months(200.00) 3 Months of Winning Package!

3)All Picks 6 Months(400.00) 6 Months of Winning Package!

4) Special World Cup Package(50.00) All Picks Throughout the entire World Cup 2014

5) NBA Play-Off Package(100.00) All Picks Throughout Entire NBA Play-Off
Monthly Subscribers Will Receive Free Soccer Picks! We All Know What We Can Do On Soccer!

Email Us For Any Questions Regarding The Packages And Payment Options.